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What is Fiduciary Duty in Real Estate Transactions

What is Fiduciary Duty in Real Estate Transactions When you enter into a buyer agency agreement with a homebuyer, you are obligated to provide them with the full range of real estate fiduciary duties. A fiduciary relationship is one of special trust. It is similar to that of doctor and patient, religious minister and parishioner, or attorney and client. On top of the minimum level of service, there are additional fiduciary/statutory duties that you owe your clients. We’ve put together some info to help you understand the full scope of your obligations as a buyer agent. Minimum level of service
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How To Winterize A House: 250+ Practical Tips And Videos

Fall is the time when you should get prepared your house for the upcoming season by doing winterization of your house. The last thing you want is to be calking your windows from outside when it’s just above 20F and snowing. Even worse is having your pipes or sprinkler system burst because you never managed to insulate and blow through the system before freezing weather come in. By following our ultimate guide now before the cold arrives, you can save money and remain warm and safe throughout winter. How to use our ultimate guide We put a lot of hard
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Why Realtors Will Never Go Away

Why Realtors Will Never Go Away   In a day and age of instant internet know-how, it’s not surprising that some people decide to forgo the assistance of a real estate agent, choosing instead to list their homes themselves, hoping for a sale, minus the dreaded commission fee. After all, the worldwide web should be an all-knowing source to any relevant questions and concerns they may have, setting the course for a wonderfully smooth-sailing process from list to close…right?  Commission fee or not — despite the availability of online resources and groups promoting the idea of selling FSBO — working with a
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