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Getting Ready to Sell Your Home in Winter: What You Need to Know

Selling your home in the winter Real Estate market may seem undesirable to some, but it has many overlooked advantages that actually make the cold dreary season a potential sellers-market!  One thing found is that winter buyers are generally more serious, which makes complete sense, as most people don’t find joy in dawning winter-wear and bracing cold icy roads and weather just to check out the real estate market on a lazy sunday. Additionally, with fewer properties listed for sale, the market is smaller, making it easy to stand out in the neighbourhood. Keeping up with yard work and weeding
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Why Realtors Will Never Go Away

Why Realtors Will Never Go Away   In a day and age of instant internet know-how, it’s not surprising that some people decide to forgo the assistance of a real estate agent, choosing instead to list their homes themselves, hoping for a sale, minus the dreaded commission fee. After all, the worldwide web should be an all-knowing source to any relevant questions and concerns they may have, setting the course for a wonderfully smooth-sailing process from list to close…right?  Commission fee or not — despite the availability of online resources and groups promoting the idea of selling FSBO — working with a
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