What Every Seller Needs to Do Before Selling – Seller’s Checklist


 Are you fit to sell?

To get the best return on your home, you need to make sure your home looks at its best. Here’s a checklist with helpful tips for a better settlement, which will help you get your home ready for sale and things to consider while selling.

The following is a checklist of tasks to help ensure a more efficient move. Ideas for saving time and money: consider selling or donating items or furniture that you no longer intend to use in your new home: Moving Checklist

Home inspection is essential: Not checking for defects can lead to unpleasant — and costly — surprises on move-in day. Buyers must take responsibility to check for minor defects in a home, as they may not be protected if they discover problems after closing. The general rule is that a seller isn’t obligated to disclose defects that are visible to a buyer; however, the seller cannot try to conceal obvious defects either.

Here are other tasks to check:

  1. Include all your home’s details in the listing, from the square footage to recent renovations to items that are and aren’t included (water heater, appliances, drapery, etc.).
  2. Plan your open house wisely: Speak with your real estate professional before the open house to set ground rules and identify ways to protect yourself and your property.
  3. Remove all valuables,personal/family photos and securely store anything with your personal information, like credit card statements and receipts.
  4. Make sure you check your home conditions (plumbing, foundation, windows, roof, deck/patio, carpet, flooring). If any of them need repairs or need to get replaced/refinished, get them done as soon as possible.
  5. Pre-Pack any extra items, off-season clothing, children’s toys, books, collections, games, and boxes for storage.
  6. Organize your garage and basement.
  7. Sweep or shovel walkways, driveways, patio/deck (salt in the winter).
  8. Put a fresh coat of paint your walls if they look faded, as well as your doors, ceilings, and trim
  9. Repair any holes or cracks in the walls and ceilings
  10. Remove all festive lights and decorations (if you have any).
  11. Get a home inspection (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors)
  12. Hide any sign of your pet, if you have any, during showings (keep litter box out of sight and cleaned daily)
  13. Unclutter your home before you show it – Have a yard sale before you list. Sell, donate, or trash everything you don’t need.
  14. Let fresh air in – Get rid of odours that may be unfamiliar or unpleasant.
  15. Tidy up the outdoors – Cut the grass, rake the leaves, trim the bushes, edge the walkways, and clean the gutters. A pot of bright flowers near the entryway adds great curb appeal.
  16. Leave the house during each showing! – Don’t stick around to answer questions. Buyers will not bring up their objections with you nearby, but they will discuss with the Real Estate Agent if you are not present. This gives the agent the opportunity to overcome the objections.