From A Distance – March 07, 2017

If you moved out of the country and are tasked with decorating a new home, it can be tough to figure out where to start. Depending on the country you’ve moved to, there might be a substantial language barrier or there may be resources you’re not accustomed to.

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Going Retro – February 5, 2017

It wasn’t long ago that I was a child, walking into my parents’ dining room to find a table filled with these delightful recipes. They were all quite trendy at the time, and many of these dishes were served at every dinner party we attended.Today, I find myself bringing these recipes back and including them in my own entertaining.

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The Ancient City Awaits – January 24, 2017

ABOVE: The gorgeous Spanish Colonial architecture is just one of the reasons to visit the ancient city of St. Augustine. FROM LEFT: Sample artisanal spirits at St. Augustine Distillery; take breakfast by the fountain at St. George Inn; enjoy private beachfront dining at Beachcomber Cottages.

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Adorned in Green – November 4, 2016

The right garden accent or ornament can transform a ho-hum space into a showstopper. Ornaments are brilliant for emphasizing a garden’s strong features, as well as for expanding or shrinking the perceived size of a space. A small statue or urn on a pedestal at the end of a path makes the path appear longer, while a large ornament can make the path seem shorter.

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Modern Vintage – October 28, 2016

Making new construction feel homey is challenging. But Jill Goldberg, owner of Boston-based Hudson Interior Designs, was up to the challenge. Of course it also helped that the owners of this Dover, Massachusetts home collect antiques and other unique finds. Pairing the homeowners’ existing pieces with others that Goldberg found helped her fashion a modern home with a vintage feel.

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Super Saver – October 21, 2016

American automobile icon Lee Iacocca once said that a great deal is a state of mind. But it’s also a great look for your checking account. Because, let’s be honest—who doesn’t love a good discount or freebie? The biggest factor in snagging that great sale, though, is less about putting that 50 percent off into motion than it is simply tracking it down. So where do you start when it comes to finding the very best deal on just about everything online these days? Heed these bits of discount wisdom for Internet shopping before clicking “buy” so you can reap the very best deals out there.

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color confluence – October 14, 2016

It takes a special talent to turn a dated bungalow into something more memorable. But for Maria Killam, a Vancouver, British Columbia–based decorator and color expert, it’s just another creative challenge. Killam, whose many titles include popular blogger, skillfully shows that giving her 2,000-square-foot house a major overhaul made it “home sweet home” indeed.

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when in europe – October 7, 2016

Janie Hirsch approached this new project differently than she ever had before. This time, the Atlanta-based designer was going to design the interiors and architectural elements just as she would want them for her very own home.

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niagara falls – September 30, 2016

The world’s enchantment with Niagara Falls began in the 1800s when Jerome Bonaparte (Napoleon’s brother) honeymooned there and gave it his stamp of approval. Bordering the Canadian province of Ontario and western New York state, Niagara Falls has been enticing honeymooners ever since. With the American Falls on the US side and the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, the nostalgic ’50s-vibe of the little town of Niagara Falls, Ontario is sure to seduce all who visit.

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teatime part 2 – September 23, 2016

Teatime awakens images of beautiful dishes laced with delicate pastries and finger sandwiches, scones, jams, and maybe a bit of clotted cream. For this lovely tea, we’ve created a slightly traditional selection of recipes with a contemporary twist. The result is pure deliciousness that will enchant the palate and delight the senses.

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falling for folliage – September 16, 2016

Summer is waning and the garden is beginning to fade, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still pack a lot of punch. The go-to perennials for autumn color include chrysanthemums (some are more hardy than others) and asters. With a range of perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees, you can make magic in your late-season garden. Consider adding some of the following plants to your garden this fall.

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pet project – September 9, 2016

Necessity is the mother of invention. At least that’s what the folks behind the buzz at the prestigious Pineapple House Interior Design firm in Atlanta, Georgia may cite in the case of this spectacular space that caters to every member of the household. But they took the concept above and beyond. As a result, their sophisticated clients’ request for their beloved pets to be integrated in a tasteful way would inspire a concealed kennel inside a custom banquette.

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history in the making – September 2, 2016

Throughout his life, Antonio Martins of San Francisco-based Antonio Martins Interior Design, has been surrounded by beauty. Born in Portugal and raised in Brazil, he would live in Switzerland and Hong Kong before settling in the Bay Area. So, his knack for crafting spectacular interiors seems as natural as his organic approach.

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teatime part 1 – August 26, 2016

Teatime awakens images of beautiful dishes laced with delicate pastries and finger sandwiches, scones, jams, and maybe a bit of clotted cream. For this lovely tea, we’ve created a slightly traditional selection of recipes with a contemporary twist. The result is pure deliciousness that will enchant the palate and delight the senses.

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planting traditions – August 19, 2016

When Lu Ann Schnable Kaldor was just eleven years old, her father passed away. “It was in September, so by the time Christmas rolled around, nobody was really in the Christmas spirit because of the loss of my dad,” the now mom of two says. But from sadness grows hope. Such was the case with Kaldor and her family, who, turned their sorrow into something positive by creating an angel tree: a small Christmas tree that the family would decorate with an ornament one at a time. Each ornament represented a random act of kindness—organizing local children to sing Christmas carols at a local nursing home or bringing food to a family in need—and once completed, the ornament would be adorned on the tree.

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from where i sit – August 12, 2016

When Thomas Riker, principal of Chicago-based design firm jamesthomas Interiors, first came to this local project, it was a penthouse condo that was last updated in the ’90s. As the project began and an adjacent unit became available, plans shifted dramatically. When the owners, a couple, purchased the neighboring unit, the entire space had to be reimagined.

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5 home renos that pay – August 9, 2016

When people consider a home renovation, one of the things they consider is the value the renovation will add to their home. So, after years of watching interior design shows and more recently, photos and videos on Pinterest, I had wild ideas of how I was going to transform my home.

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summer living – July 29, 2016

If you reside in a region with defined seasons, you likely wait all year for the sweet escape of summer. Although each season has its own charm, there’s something about greeting the sun every morning that induces a child-like excitement for the day ahead. Embrace the warmer weather by spending time outdoors with morning coffee on the patio and evening gatherings in the garden.

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friday harbor – July 22, 2016

The San Juan Islands are bounded by the Salish Sea, one of the most varied ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest, and home to myriad species of marine invertebrates, mammals, birds, and fish. The Cascade Mountains and ocean tides protect the San Juan Islands from northerly winds, exonerating the picturesque town of Friday Harbor from typical North American climates. Sleepy and secluded Friday Harbor is a tiny coastal village with immense character and history—the perfect home base for whale watching, communing with nature, and appreciating the mouthwatering Pacific Northwest cuisine.

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garden party – July 8, 2016

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Take advantage of the extended daylight hours and beauty of the natural landscape by moving your dining and entertaining outdoors. This summer, have some fun with out-of-the-ordinary outdoor affairs.

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beach cottage bliss – July 1, 2016

A major remodel, new roof, new floors, and a very short timeline—it’s no wonder Charmean Neithart, owner of Charmean Neithart Interiors in South Pasadena, California, was a little worried when this project started. But the family, who bought this beach cottage as a vacation home, had faith in Neithart because of the work she had already done on their main home.

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the wonderful world of water sports – June 24, 2016

Whether you’re swimming, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking, or taking a simple swim, sometimes water provides the ideal escape. But when it comes to choosing the most fitting option for you to tackle the water, it’s best to know the ins and the outs of each sport. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular water sports so you can better decide how to take advantage of the water, lake, or ocean this summer.

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entertaining hawaiian style – June 17, 2016

The Hawaiian culture is warm and welcoming. And on the islands, a party or gathering is never without delicious food. This tasty fried chicken and traditional macaroni salad is the perfect warm-weather combination.

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spirit of place – June 10, 2016

Madaket is a stretch of beach on the western side of the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. Today, it’s a spot known to vacationers for viewing glorious sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. In years past, when the island was a local fishing and whaling hub, fishermen constructed shacks from detritus that washed ashore; driftwood, shipwreck timbers, and crates were all used.

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how does your garden glow? – June 4, 2016

Add enchantment to your garden with nighttime lighting. With the right lighting techniques you can create almost any effect you like, from dramatic and theatrical to romantic, mysterious, subtle, or subdued. Create your desired effect with the following tips from illumination designers.

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finding balance in bali – May 27, 2016

Visitors to Bali come for the white sand beaches, epic surfing, ancient temples, local crafts, active volcanoes, and lush jungles. You’ll find all of this and more, likely departing this idyllic Indonesian island with a profound sense of spirituality brought on by a combination of the vibrant local culture and innately soulful scenery.

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beachside beauty – May 20, 2016

It was a classic story. A couple finds themselves with an empty nest and decides to ditch their traditional suburban home in favor of a more relaxed abode at the beach. Only this time, said beach house is less, well, beachy, and a lot more sophisticated.

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a simple statement – May 13, 2016

Among Chicago’s many diverse neighborhoods is Lincoln Square, in which an exciting variety of interwoven cultures and unique businesses reside. The owners of this 3,000-square-foot home have absorbed the same kind of eclectic style into their home decor. “They are a young couple and very open to interesting, hip concepts,” explains SuzAnn Kletzien, of Chicago-based SuzAnn Kletzien Design.

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neutral territory – May 6, 2016

In the midst of transforming this Mediterranean-style residence, Jamie Herzlinger created a personal oasis so calming that it could lower anyone’s blood pressure. The designer and principal of Jamie Herzlinger Interiors, with locations in Scottsdale, Arizona and New York City, explains that her clients wanted classic interiors and some out-and-out glamour to make their home timeless and elegant.

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the inviting guest room – April 29, 2016

Sometimes getting away is just that: getting away from work, the kids, and house chores by booking a trip to a resort where the number one item on your to-do list is relax. But as spring break nears and you travel to visit friends and family, oftentimes the accommodations (read: a blow-up mattress on the living room floor) aren’t so relaxing.

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nibble & nosh – April 22, 2016

Spring is associated with light and bright fetes. Savor the beginning of the growing season and invite your friends and family to a festive brunch. The following indulgent dishes offer a plethora of flavors and textures that will leave your palate feeling renewed.

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the painterly pied‑à‑terre, April 15, 2016

This 1,000-square-foot pied-à-terre, located near downtown Miami, had been in the homeowner’s family for decades. As a young girl, she and her family would visit from Puerto Rico and stay in the apartment during their trips to Florida.

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crowning glory – April 8, 2016

Two heads are better than one is a phrase that comes to mind when talking with Ashley Tracey, principal partner and creative director and Laura McLellan, principal partner and managing director for Toronto-based The Design Co., especially when summing up one of the stunning projects tackled by this talented team.

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french connection – March 25, 2016

It takes vision for a house to learn another language, which is exactly what happened in the historic Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles when a resourceful couple took a detour from the norm. “We found an aging, old Spanish house in our neighborhood, and we decided to reimagine a a French provincial home.

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desert sublime – March 11, 2016

When Lynn and Dana Roper first built their custom home in the Sonoran Desert in Oro Valley, Arizona, the couple enlisted their builder to handle their new home’s landscaping efforts. Admittedly, the builder was not an expert in desert landscape florals, trees, and bushes, but went ahead and installed a basic landscape that the Ropers knew, one day, they would need to completely overhaul.

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big sky, montana – March 1, 2016

The Last Best Place. Big Sky Country. Montana has many slogans, and they all express a similar sentiment: that this state is a slice of the United States that has been left untarnished for the most part. Montana is a place where you can still capture a clear sight of the universe in all its glory. Look to the sky at night and wonder in amazement where all of those stars have been hiding. You’re in Big Sky Country now. Big Sky Country refers to the entire state, while the community of Big Sky, located less than an hour south of Bozeman, is a special place all its own. As the morning sun illuminates the vast blue skies of Montana, it’s time to consider where the day will take you.

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on the savana – March 4, 1016

The winding driveway weaves through restored native prairie and oak savanna. Those arriving get intermittent glimpses of the house, but the entire structure is never revealed until the end. This approach creates a delicious tension of anticipation and mystery, captivating and attracting the viewer.

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